Reward Band


Forget about the money you've invested, it's about the blood, sweat and tears you have dedicated to your craft, your call lanyard can tell us more about you than your mama can.  It would be a shame to loose such an invaluable part of who you are.  While this band can't keep you from losing your lanyard, it gives you better than a fighting chance to get it back when it is found.  

Images shown on this product page are a Goose Band.

Each aluminum band is hand stamped, curled, polished or weathered for a one of a kind authentic look. 

Each band includes 3 lines of custom text.

Select from 2 sizes: Duck or Goose

Select from 2 styles: Polished or Weathered


Line 1 Common Text:  LANYARD BELONGS TO (Name)

Line 2 Common Text: REWARD 250

Line 3 Common Text: IF FOUND CALL (Phone Number)

*This is a completely customizable product, you can type in any text you would like to have on the band, you do not need to follow the example above, it is only there for inspiration.

Available Characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 - / & .

Select the Size, Duck or Goose, then select the Style, Polished or Weathered, once you select those two options click on the PERSONALIZE IT button below to plug in your custom text.

Customer Reviews

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Jason Bowman
Reward bands

Got a reward band for me and my cousin. The quality was great and the shipping very fast. Hope I never lose my lanyard but if I do hopefully someone will call.

Frank Galaszewski

I recently purchased a reward band to put on my duck call lanyard with my information on it just in case I lose it. The bands are exactly as described. A duck band. My only concern is that I purchased the polished band, and after receiving it, the band may reflect sun light when I am hunting. Hopefully, the polishing will wear down over time. I would recommend ordering the unpolished one if you plan on having it with you when hunting. This is certainly no fault of the manufacturer.

Kelsey Marie Terry
Should've ordered more- will be fixing that mistake soon!

The quality of this band is insane. I didn't know what to expect so I only ordered one. If you're teeter-tottering on how many to order, order them all. It's high-quality, looks beautiful, is packaged with care, and is made by a small family business. I'm wildly impressed and I can't wait to get my friends and family hooked on these too. If you're a hunter, or part of a hunting family- these are a wonderful gift for call lanyards, key rings, gun cases, dog collars, and more. I knit my first one into a chunky blanket as a custom tag for my duck and goose crazy man. Needless to say, I'll be ordering a lot more and will be using them for just about everything. These are TOO cool. Thank you all at Banded Bird!


I’d highly recommend getting one! First off they look great, High quality, worth the money! Calls and a lanyard setup is not cheap! I got well over $500 in calls and it’s worth getting one incase you loose it!

Kirby Heider
Saved me a huge headache!

I bought a custom band with my name and phone number not ever expecting it to be necessary. A few weeks ago I lost my blind bag out of my truck with about $1000 in gear and an honest soul found the bag and called me!! Thank you Banded Bird

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