Replica Band

SKU: Duck-Replica-Polished

Banded Bird is the originator of the Replica Band, first introduced in 2013, it has resolved many disputes between good hunting buddies on who shot the banded bird. Not sure who really shot the Banded Bird, no problem, get a replica made for everyone who sprayed and prayed!  Replicas are also a great for bird mounts, if you are mounting a prized Banded Bird, put a replica on the mount and the original on your call lanyard where it belongs.  Lost bands can also be replaced if you retain the USGS certificate.

Images shown on this product page are a Duck Band (Size 7A).

Each replica aluminum band is hand stamped, curled and polished or weathered. 

Select from the following 3 sizes:

Duck - Federal Size 7A - 0.438" inside diameter

Goose - Federal Size 8 - 0.688" inside diameter

Small Goose - Federal Size 7 - 0.5" inside diameter

Select from 2 styles: Polished or Weathered

**Please note currently we are only producing modern replicas that contain either CALL 1-800-327-BAND and or WWW.REPORTBAND.GOV on Duck Band Federal Size 7A, Goose Band Federal Size 8, and Small Goose Federal Size 7. 

**Please also note that replicas will have some differences to the original band due to the hand stamping process and natural weathering when taken from an actual bird in the wild, some font styles may also differ sightly, but will be made to most accurately replicate your original band.  All Replica bands require the proof of the USGS certificate, proving it has been reported and thus out of circulation.