Season Total Band


Everyone knows that your hunting spot regularly produces the most kills each season, we have been hearing about it for years, so instead of telling your buddies how good you are, now you can prove it with a custom band authenticating and validating all official kills.  This is a "Win Win" scenario, you no longer need to vocalize your success, and your buddies get a visual reminder of how good you are each time they see you.

Images shown on this product page are a Duck Band.

Each aluminum band is hand stamped, curled, polished or weathered for a one of a kind authentic look. 

Each band includes 3 lines of custom text.

Select from 2 sizes: Duck or Goose

Select from 2 styles: Polished or Weathered


Line 1 Common Text:  Season Date (2020/2021 DUCK SEASON)

Line 2 Common Text: Kill Total (555 DUCKS)

Line 3 Common Text: Location (SACRAMENTO VALLEY)

*This is a completely customizable product, you can type in any text you would like to have on the band, you do not need to follow the example above, it is only there for inspiration.

Available Characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 - / & .

Select the Size, Duck or Goose, then select the Style, Polished or Weathered, once you select those two options click on the PERSONALIZE IT button below to plug in your custom text.