First Hunt Band


Taking someone on their First Hunt can be a memory that will last a lifetime, however often times they are leaving empty handed without a successful harvest on their first go. Now you can ensure they leave with a unique memento, a custom First Hunt Band is something that will be sure to keep them coming back to the field. You will feel just as good giving the gift as they are to receive it, guaranteed!

Images shown on this product page are a Goose Band.

Each aluminum band is hand stamped, curled, polished or weathered for a one of a kind authentic look. 

Each band includes 3 lines of custom text.

Select from 2 sizes: Duck or Goose

Select from 2 styles: Polished or Weathered


Line 1 Common Text:  Name of the person on their First Hunt

Line 2 Common Text: Date

Line 3 Common Text: Location of First Hunt

*This is a completely customizable product, you can type in any text you would like to have on the band, you do not need to follow the example above, it is only there for inspiration.

Available Characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 - / & .

Select the Size, Duck or Goose, then select the Style, Polished or Weathered, once you select those two options click on the PERSONALIZE IT button below to plug in your custom text.

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